X.Y working size 250mm×250mm
Z working size 90mm- (110mm if u need Rotary device)
The Max width of the workpiece 400mm
The Max length of the workpiece Unlimited
Speed of working 0-4000mm/min
Speed of spindle 6000-24000RMP
Spindle power 1500W (Water-Cooling Motor)
Taper sleeve 3.175mm(1/8"), 4mm (1/6") and 6mm (1/4")
Operating system Mach3 / DSP Controller / NCSTUDIO
File form It supports G-code,CAD/CAM,Artcam / Cascate / Proe /Artgrave / Type3/Artcut, etc...
Resolution of software 0.001mm
Resolution of machine 0.02mm
Positioning accuracy 0.06mm/300mm
Repeat accuracy 0.02mm
Voltage 220V-50HZ
Optional devices Rotary device; Vacuum hold down table, High precision Vise, etc...

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cnc router stone engraving

Stone Work

cnc router wood engraving

Wood Work

cnc router gold engraving

Gold Work

cnc router rubber engraving

Rubber Work

cnc router silver engraving

Silver Work

cnc router stone

Stone Name Work

cnc router wood working

Wood Watch Work

cnc router engraving

Engraving Work

Why CNC Mini Router


  • Jewellery
  • Die Mould
  • Textile and Leather
  • Educational Institutions
  • Religion
  • Paramaceuticals
  • Rubber Industry
  • Mobile Handset


  • Coining Dies
  • Copper,MS,SS
  • Steel Die and Punch
  • Cnc Training
  • Statues, Yantras
  • Tablet Punches
  • Rubber Moulds
  • Case Machining


  • Make In India
  • 6+ Years Experience
  • 400+ Machine Sales
  • Exports Many Countries
  • 24/7 Service Support
  • One Year Warrenty
  • All Tools Available
  • Training Free

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